Abak (Palm Nut Soup)

Serves 4-6

This is a traditional Nigerian recipe for a classic Ibibo dish of meat, fish and atama leaves cooked in a palm nut juice base.

This is a traditional soup of the Ibibio peoples of Nigeria.


600ml palm nut juice (palm soup base)
800g fresh meat (fish, chicken, beef, goat meat or a mix)
1 bunch atama leaves, stripped off the branches, shredded and pounded
1 onion, pounded or blended to a pasta
ground hot chilli powder, to taste
2 seasoning cubes
250g periwinkles
salt, to taste
60g bitterleaf
5 pieces of land snails (optional)
4 tablespoon ground, dried, crayfish (prawns)
300g stockfish (dried fish), soaked in water and parboiled for 30 minutes to soften
300g smoked fish, washed and flaked
300g kpomo [cow skin] (optional)
┬╝ uyayak (aidan fruit) pod

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