I know you are wondering if it is possible to have akara for breakfast fast and easy, well it is.

Have you heard of a pre-processed bean powered? Well I got to know about this from my dearest mother-in-law. She brought it all the way from Ibadan on one of her visits.

How it is processed:

All you need is to get the white beans, not soya beans but there is a specie of beans that is white. Next you dry ground it and walah! your beans powered is ready. The flour could be used for moimoi, beans cake, beans meal and soup.

How to prepare akara with the beans powered:

1. Mix the Bean powered in water just enough to dissolve it and still make it a light paste.

2. Add sliced onions, pepper, grounded crayfish and salt to taste.

3. Mix well till all ingredients are well dissolved in the paste.

4. Heat up you groundnut oil, enough for the Akara to float in.

5. Scoop the paste with a belly spoon and place gently into the oil to fry. Fry Akara till golden brown and serve.

6. Akara could be eaten with Pap, Oats, Garri or with any other backup of your choice.

Things do not have to be so rigorous all the time. Adopt the bean powered style today and make your favourite bean delicacies anytime you like with ease.

One love!

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  • Great post! I know people who will explore this for their breakfasts before going to work or even on the weekends. I can testify to that one… Give us more Olounje nutrition tips. Keep posting. Cheers.

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