Ogbono is a crowd favourite any day!


  • Powdered Ogbono seeds, 1 cup
  • Beef or goat meat, one-half kilo
  • Dried fish, 1 medium piece
  • Crayfish, 2 sprinklings
  • Stock fish, 2 pieces
  • Dried pepper
  • Ogiri, 1 wrap
  • Seasoning, 2 cubes
  • Palm oil, 4 cooking spoons
  • Spinach or Ugwu (optional), 1 bunch


  • Fry the powdered ogbono in palm oil in a saucepan or small pot. Ensure you stir well till you have a smooth paste. Set it aside when done.
  • Wash the meat and boil with seasonings. You may add a little water although natural fluids from the meat will collect in the pot. Do not use onion as it would thin or water down the soup.
  • Add the stock fish to the pot when the meat is tender. Follow this by adding the dried fish, dry pepper, crayfish, and ogiri. Allow all to cook for another twenty minutes.
  • Add some palm oil to the pot, cover, and allow to simmer.
  • Stir in the ogbono paste you have ready into the pot. Mix thoroughly until smooth. You need to do this well to ensure no lumps are formed.Allow to cook for some minutes.
  • As desired, add the washed shredded ugwu or spinach, stir thoroughly and allow to cook again for five minutes.
  • Serve and enjoy Ogbono with your preferred staple.

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