Serves 4-6

This is a traditional Nigerian recipe for a classic dish of meat, fish, stock fish and ora leaves cooked in a palm nut juice base or palm oil.

This is a traditional soup of the eastern part of Nigeria.


200ml palm oil

600ml palm nut juice (palm soup base) (optional)
600g fresh meat (dry fish, chicken, beef, goat meat or a mix)

100g cocoyam
1 bunch ora leaves, stripped off the branches
ground hot chilli powder, to taste
2 seasoning cubes
salt, to taste
4 tablespoon ground, dried, crayfish (prawns)
300g stock fish, (dried fish), soaked in water and parboiled for 30 minutes to soften
300g smoked fish, washed and flaked

2tsp locust bean (ogili) (optional)


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